Vijaya UPI App 2020, Download Vijaya Bank UPI App From Play Store

Vijaya UPI App 2020, Download Vijaya Bank UPI App From Play Store. Vijaya Bank offers UPI application for the customers of Indian banks to register

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Vijaya UPI App 2020, Download Vijaya Bank UPI App From Play Store. Vijaya Bank offers UPI application for the customers of Indian banks to register with the bank and link their accounts of other banks as well. This app is called as BHIM VIjaya UPI App. Customer shall be able to Pay and initiated collect money requests to their contacts. Payment Address is an abstract form to represent and identify the account details, and account details remain confidential. By adding accounts of different banks, customer can manage the account in single platform.

Unified Payment Interface app from Vijaya Bank of India…the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) launched the much awaited Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

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Vijaya UPI App, Download Vijaya UPI Android App From Play Store

Vijaya UPI App

By Using Vijaya App you can Make payments easier using Virtual Payment Address(VPA) Pay & collect Payments Very Easily. On 23rd November 2016 Vijaya Launched his UPI Apk, Many other banks already launched UPI App and Vijaya launched his UPI App on 23rd November 2016.

Vijaya UPI AppClick Here to Download Vijaya Bank UPI Apk (Direct Link Play Store)

Steps to Download Vijaya UPI App

Step 1 – Visit on Play Store Site –

Step 2 – Now in Search Box, Please write Vijaya Bank UPI App

Step 3 – Now you can see various Apps on Search Page, Please click on “Vijaya UPI” (Vijaya UPI is Official UPI App of Vijaya Bank)

Step 4 – Now Please click on “Install” Button

Step 5 – Now Your app is successfully installed, Your App is Ready to Use for UPI Transactions

Click Here to Download Vijaya Babk UPI Apk (Direct Link)

Details For Vijaya UPI Android App

App NameVijaya UPI App
Bank NameVijaya Bank
Last UpdatedJanuary 21, 2019
Downloads50,000 – 1,00,000
Version of App1.1.0
Download LinkClick Here

How to Use Vijaya Bank UPI App

  • Every Customer will need to have a bank account and a smart phone to use Vijaya UPI App
  • Now Please Download Vijaya UPI UPI app from Play Store or Using Above Procedure
  • Now Install Vijaya UPI App in Your Smartphone
  • After Install UPI APP, Please Open your app
  • Now your App is asking for Send a SMS for Confirm your mobile number
  • After Confirmation of your Mobile Number, Vijaya UPI App is started and Show all Menus of Vijaya App
  • Now Please Create your account on Vijaya UPI App by Entering Following details – Name, Email, Gender, Mobile number, DOB etc..
  • Now you will require to set your unique Virtual ID and Generate MPIN by using your Debit Card
  • Now your Vijaya UPI App is ready to pay, collect and Check your bank balance

How Vijaya UPI App is Working

  • To send money to someone, you need to know only their UPI ID – a virtual identity like an email address. This could be your name, or your phone number, so for example, if your phone number is 1234567890, then your virtual address could be 1234567890@vijaya(if your bank is Vijaya Bank) or 1234567890@sbi (if you’re an State bank of India customer), and so on.
  • By Using UPI app not need of knowing the recipient’s name, their bank account number, and IFSC code (or bank branch).
  • UPI is built on top of the IMPS, which you may have used to transfer money between bank account. Like IMPS, UPI is immediate, and works 24×7, through the year, unlike NEFT or RTGS services, which have specific working hours.
  • The UPI can also be used for shopping online – instead of entering your debit card number, expiry date, and CVV code, followed by waiting for the OTP, you’d just enter your UPI ID, and get an alert on your phone to verify the transaction.

Following are the transaction sets supported

  • User profile registration
  • Bank accounts creation
  • Payment address creation
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • PIN generation

Core transaction functionality

  • Pay request
  • Collect request
  • Collect request approval (Payer approval through Mobile application)
  • Debiting / Crediting Payer / Payee accounts
  • Virtual address resolution for NPCI-UPI
  • Support for all 2-party, 3-party and 4-party models of NPCI UPI
  • Third party address book management

What are the requirements for using UPI?

You should have following:

  • An android phone with internet service
  • An operative bank account in any Bank
  • The mobile number being registered with UPI, must be linked to the bank account.
  • Active debit card relating to this account for creating mPIN.

How do I register in the Vijaya UPI application?

  • Create your profile.
  • Add bank account.
  • Create Virtual Id for linked account.
  • Set MPIN for selected account by using Debit Card.

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