Bank Holidays in Telangana 2024, Bank Vacations in Telangana

Bank Holidays in Telangana 2024, List of Bank Vacations in Telangana 2024. Frankly speaking there are many bank holidays in Telangana. Among these include the various holidays for Vinayaka Chaturthi

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Bank Holidays in Telangana

Bank Holidays in Telangana 2024, List of Bank Vacations in Telangana 2024. Frankly speaking there are many bank holidays in Telangana. Among these include the various holidays for Vinayaka Chaturthi and the other festivals that people of the state celebrate. If you are planning to take the bank holidays in Telangana, you should enjoy the same by doing a whole lot of things.This page contains a calendar of all 2024 bank holidays for Telangana. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced…

Bank Holidays in Telangana 2024

In India we have federal, regional government holidays and popular observances as well. The bank holidays in India varies from one bank to the other, though the central government and the Ministry of Personnel announces some Public Bank holidays in India on – Republic Day (January 26), Independence Day (August 15), Gandhi Jayanti (October 2).

Also the bank holidays caters to some cultural and religious holidays such as – Budh Purnima, Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, and Eid etc. Check out Bank Holidays in Telangana.

You can find the list of the public holidays in Telangana 2024 below, though these dates may vary if any official change is announced. Also, all the private and public sector banks are closed on 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of every month.

List of Bank Holidays in Telangana 2024

Date & MonthDayHoliday
January 1MondayNew Year’s Day
January 13SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
January 15MondayMakara Sankranti
January 26FridayRepublic Day
January 27SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
February 10SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
February 24SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
March 8FridayMaha Shivaratri
March 9SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
March 23SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
March 25MondayHoli
March 29FridayGood Friday
April 5FridayBabu Jagjivan Ram Jayanti
April 9TuesdayUgadi
April 10WednesdayIdul Fitr
April 11ThursdayIdul Fitr Holiday
April 13SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
April 14SundayDr Ambedkar Jayanti
April 17WednesdayRam Navami
April 27SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
May 11SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
May 25SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
June 8SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
June 17MondayBakrid / Eid al Adha
June 22SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
July 13SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
July 17WednesdayMuharram
July 27SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
July 31WednesdayBonalu
August 10SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
August 15ThursdayIndependence Day
August 24SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
August 26MondayJanmashtami
September 7SaturdayGanesh Chaturthi
September 14SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
September 16MondayEid e Milad
September 28SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
October 2WednesdayGandhi Jayanti
October 3ThursdayFirst Day of Bathukamma
October 11FridayMaha Ashtami
October 12SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
October 13SundayVijaya Dashami
October 26SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
October 31ThursdayDeepavali
November 9SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
November 15FridayGuru Nanak Jayanti
November 23SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday
December 14SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday
December 25WednesdayChristmas Day
December 26ThursdayChristmas Holiday
December 28SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday

Note: The 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of every month as public holiday for banks in India

Telangana is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Telangana was a part of Andhra Pradesh until 1st June 2014. On 2nd June 2014, Telangana was formed, and it becomes the 29th state in India. This state is also referred as the youngest state in India.

Telangana was formed due to the contribution of the present Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrashekar Rao. Telangana consists of 31 Districts of which Hyderabad city is Capital city of Telangana. In fact, tourists visiting Telangana can get a host of exhilarating experience including ice skating, horse riding, paragliding and rafting.

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