Export Import Bank of India: Marketing Advisory, Export Advisory

Export Import Bank of India: Established in 1982 through an Act of Government of India viz. Export –Import Bank of India Act, 1981. It was established to make financial provisions

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Export Import Bank of India

Export Import Bank of India: Established in 1982 through an Act of Government of India viz. Export –Import Bank of India Act, 1981. It was established to make financial provisions for exporters and importers. Export-Import Bank of India is the premier export finance institution of the country. Also EXIM Bank was intended to serve as principal financial institution co-coordinating the functioning of those institutions engaged in financing export and import of goods and services with a view to promote International Trade of Country.

Commencing its role as a purveyor of export credit, similar to some of its foreign counterparts, EXIM Bank over the period had evolved in to a dependable institution for the global operations of various industries including that of Small and Medium enterprises.

Export Import Bank of India

EXIM Bank offers a wide range of products for partner industries such as import of technology and export product development, export production, export marketing, pre-shipment and post-shipment and overseas investments

The flagship schemes of EXIM Bank are as follows:

Export Import Bank of India

In addition to the above, EXIM Bank offers

Marketing Advisory:

To help Indian exporting firms in their globalisation efforts by proactively assisting in locating overseas distributors/buyers/partners for their products/services as well as to identify opportunities overseas for setting up plants or projects or for acquisition of overseas companies. In this EXIM Bank plays a promotional role to create and enhance export capabilities and international competitiveness of Indian companies. For this efforts, the Group leverages the Bank’s high international standing, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the international markets and well established institutional linkages. Its physical presence supports Indian companies in their overseas marketing initiatives on a success fee basis

Research & Analysis:

A team of experienced economists and strategists with in-depth insights on international economics, trade and investment monitors trends in global and domestic economies to analyse their impact on Indian and other developing economies. Besides catering to the constituents within the Bank, the Group also connects with the Government, RBI, exporters/importers, trade & industry associations, external credit agencies, academic institutions and researchers.

It also searches avenues to enhance India’s international engagement and implements the research under a broad classification of regional, sectoral and policy related studies etc. With an objective to provide up-todate information to Indian traders and investors, the Group publishes various bulletins regularly with information on export opportunities and highlights developments that have a bearing on Indian exports.

Export Advisory:

Under this, EXIM Bank offers a diverse range of information, advisory and support services, which enable exporters to evaluate international risks, exploit export opportunities and improve competitiveness. Value added information and support services are provided to Indian projects exporters on the projects funded by multilateral agencies.

EXIM Bank undertakes customised research on behalf of interested companies in the areas such as establishing market potential, defining marketing arrangements, and specifying market distribution channels. Developing export market entry plans, facilitating accomplishment of international quality certification and display of products in trade fairs and exhibitions are other services provided.

EXIM Bank provides a wide range of information, advisory and support services, which complement its financing programmes. These services are provided on a fee basis to Indian companies and overseas entities. The scope of services includes market-related information, sector and feasibility studies, technology supplier identification, partner search, investment facilitation and development of joint ventures both in India and abroad.

Thus EXIM Bank evolved itself as a single window service provider to international trading entities from India.

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