Kotak Bank FD Rates 2024, Kotak Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

Kotak Bank FD Rates 2024: Kotak Bank Fixed Deposit ensures that your earnings grow steadily and effortlessly. Its key features like attractive interest rates, multiple interest payout options, and zero

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Kotak Bank FD Rates

Kotak Bank FD Rates 2024: Kotak Bank Fixed Deposit ensures that your earnings grow steadily and effortlessly. Its key features like attractive interest rates, multiple interest payout options, and zero penalties on premature closure make it the ideal investment for your hard-earned money.

The Kotak Bank offers a wide range of Fixed Deposits (FDs) that offer a good rate of return and come with various other benefits. Some of the features of Kotak Bank FDs include a nomination facility, flexible tenure options, auto renewal facility, different interest payout options, loan/overdraft facility, Etc. It is very easy to open a Kotak Bank FD online and this can be done at the click of a button in a paper-free manner.

Key Benefits for Kotak Bank FD Rates

You can open a fixed deposit for a period of 7 days to 10 years. A fixed deposit can help you save if you have a lump sum amount. An FD is beneficial for tax purposes as well when you invest in a tax saver fixed deposit. You can also open an FD online through Kotak Bank. It is quick and very easy. All you need is to login to Axis Mobile or Kotak Bank Internet Banking.

Kotak Bank offers you great rates, flexibility and security for your fixed deposits, with even higher interest for our senior citizens. Enjoy our facilities of booking your deposit through Netbanking, Mobile App and the facility of automatic renewal.

Interest Rates for Regular Fixed Deposit

Mentioned below are the applicable Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for the mentioned tenures. The below-mentioned Fixed Deposit Interest rates are effective from 27th February 2024. The revised interest rates are as under :

Interest Rates for Domestic / NRO / NRE Fixed Deposits effective from 27th February 2024:(subject to change from time to time) Less than Rs. 2 Crore.

Maturity PeriodsRegularSenior Citizen
Premature Withdrawal AllowedLess than Rs.2 CroreLess than Rs.2 Crore
7 – 14 Days2.75%3.25%
15 – 30 Days3.00%3.50%
31 – 45 Days3.25%3.75%
46 – 90 Days3.50%4.00%
91 – 120 Days4.00%4.50%
121 – 179 days4.25%4.75%
180 Days7.00%7.50%
181 Days to 269 Days6.00%6.50%
270 Days6.00%6.50%
271 Days to 363 Days6.00%6.50%
364 Days6.50%7.00%
365 Days to 389 Days7.10%7.60%
390 Days (12 months 25 days)7.40%7.90%
391 Days – Less than 23 Months7.40%7.90%
23 Months7.30%7.85%
23 months 1 Day- less than 2 years7.30%7.85%
2 years- less than 3 years7.15%7.65%
3 years and above but less than 4 years7.00%7.60%
4 years and above but less than 5 years7.00%7.60%
5 years and above upto and inclusive of 10 years6.20%6.70%

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  • These rates are applicable for deposits below Rs. 2 crore.
  • Senior citizens get an additional interest rate of 0.50%.
  • The interest is paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually, depending on the depositor’s preference.

You can open a fixed deposit with Kotak Bank by visiting any of their branches or by opening an account online. The minimum deposit amount is Rs. 5,000.


*Senior Citizens’ rate is not applicable on NRO/NRE deposits

  • No interest will be payable for NRE TDs staying less than 1 year.
  • For Fixed Deposits with tenure below 181 days, interest will be calculated at maturity as Simple Interest.
  • Standalone Fixed Deposits of tenure 181 days and above linked to saving / current account will be treated as per the regular sweep deposit functionality and penal charge will be applicable as above.
  • For ActivMoney (2 way sweep deposits) Regular Fixed Deposit rates will be applicable for all customers including Senior Citizen‘s / Bank Staff
  • Acceptance of deposits of Rs. 5 cr. and above is at the discretion of the Bank.
  • Interest on Fixed Deposit can be paid for a period of less than a quarter (monthly interest payout) at the discounted interest rates as per RBI directives
  • Above rates are applicable for mentioned dates only and are subject to change without prior notice
  • The calculation of interest is basis 365 days in a year for deposits booked in a non-leap year and 366 days in a year for fixed deposits booked in a leap (calendar) year.

Interest Rates from Rs.2 Crore to Rs 10 Crore

Interest Rates for Domestic / NRO / NRE Fixed Deposits effective from 28 May 2024 (subject to change from time to time) Rs.2 Crore to Rs 10 Crore

Maturity Period – Premature Withdrawal Allowed

Maturity PeriodRs. 2 Crore to. 10 Crores Senior citizen rates
7 – 14 Days4.25%4.25%
15 – 30 Days4.40%4.40%
31 – 45 Days5.00%5.00%
46 – 60 Days5.25%5.25%
61 – 90 Days6.00%6.00%
91 – 120 Days6.50%6.50%
121 – 179 Days6.50%6.50%
180 Days7.00%7.00%
181 Days to 270 Days7.00%7.00%
271 Days to 279 Days5.75%5.75%
280Days ‐ 364 days7.00%7.00%
365 days ‐ Less Than 15Months7.50%7.90%
15 months – less than 18 months7.40%7.75%
18 months – less than 2 Years7.30%7.65%
2 years and above but less than 3 years7.10%7.10%
3 years and above but less than 4 years6.65%6.65%
4 years and above but less than 5 years6.35%6.35%
5 years and above upto & inclusive of 7 years6.25%6.25%

Kotak Bank FD Eligibility Criteria

  • Both new and existing customers of Kotak Bank can open a Fixed Deposit.
  • Following are the types of customers who can open fixed deposit accounts: Individuals, Minors, Proprietorship, HUF (Hindu Undivided Family), Registered and Unregistered Body, Cooperative Society, Trusts, Partnerships, NGO and, Private Limited.
  • A valid passport or a valid driving license
  • An introduction by any other bank or an introduction by a Kotak Bank Savings Account holder for the last six months
  • A photograph

In the case of Trust 

  • Copy of the Trust Deed
  • Copy of the registration certificate
  • Photographs of the members operating the account
  • Copy of the Resolution of Trustees authorising the members concerned to open and operate the account

How to Apply for Kotak Bank FD

  • Customers can book Fixed Deposit through any of our channels as mentioned below:Visit the nearest branch of Kotak Bank and our Relationship Manager will guide you on the application process.
  • You can also contact us and our Customer Care Executive will fix a service appointment with our Relationship Manager to help you with the application process.


  • Resident Indians
  • Hindu Undivided Families
  • Sole proprietorship firms
  • Partnership firms
  • Limited companies
  • Trust accounts


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