SASSA Child Grant Increase June 2024: SASSA Payment Status

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Child Support Grant is a government program in South Africa that gives financial help to inferior-income families for the maintenance of kids. The



The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Child Support Grant is a government program in South Africa that gives financial help to inferior-income families for the maintenance of kids. The grant helps cover basic requirements and supports the well-being of kids.

The SASSA Child Support Grant in South Africa is a crucial program for assisting kids in inferior-income households. Beneficiaries need to learn the grant amount, review payment status, and be aware of payment dates. Staying knowledgeable about possible increases and using authorized SASSA channels is notified for both current and future recipients of the grant. Grants Increase 2024 Payment

The SASSA Child Grant Increases are systematic adjustments to the amount of financial help provided by the South African Social Security Agency. These adjustments ensure that the grant stays adequate and applicable in response to economic modifications.

Reasons for Increases

  1. Inflation and Cost of Living: The grant amount is regularly checked to fulfill the necessities of children in low-income households.
  2. Economic Factors: Broader economic aspects can also impact the decision to raise the grant.

Increasing the Grant Process

  • Government Review: The South African government declares modifications to the grant amount during the annual budget speech.
  • Implementation: The new grant amount is implemented from a determined date and applies to all program beneficiaries.

Recent Example of Increase

  • The government has raised the grant from R500 to R510 in response to financial situations, aiming to provide more significant support for beneficiaries.

Effect of Increases

  • Beneficiary Assistance: Increasing the grant amount directly assists households in obtaining more financial assistance, permitting them to better help their kids.
  • Economic Relief: For inferior-income families, these increases give economic ease, especially for raising kids.

Monitoring Future Increases

  • Staying Informed: Beneficiaries should regularly review official announcements from SASSA or the South African government to stay notified about possible increases.
  • Uncertainty of Future Increases: Future increases are not insured and depend on aspects like government funding and financial estimates.

Checking SASSA Child Grant Status

To review the status of your SASSA Child Grant, follow these steps to guarantee accurate processing and stay knowledgeable about any updates. Here’s a beneficial guide on how to do it:

Online Portal

  • Access: Go to the official SASSA site.
  • Login Credentials: Please provide your South African ID number and other essential private details.
  • Status Information: Once logged in, you can review the status of your grant (approved, pending, or with problems).
  • Troubleshooting: If you have any troubles or don’t see the latest update, it’s best to reach SASSA directly.

SASSA Offices

  • Local Offices: Going to the SASSA office can assist.
  • What to Bring: Make sure you have the essential identification papers, such as your ID book or card.
  • In-Person Assistance: SASSA officials can aid with grant status inquiries and trouble resolution.

SASSA Child Grant Payment Dates

The Child Grant payment dates are pre-scheduled and conveyed to beneficiaries through different channels:

  • Regular Updates: SASSA revises payment schedules yearly.
  • Modes of Communication: Payment dates are communicated through the SASSA site, public announcements, and social media.
  • 2024 Payment Dates: In 2024, payment dates are established for January 5, February 6, and March 7, with more dates to come.


The 2024 SASSA Child Grant increase reduces poverty for helpless kids and households by delivering vital resources such as food, healthcare, and education. The government’s responsibility to support low-income households is noticeable through prioritizing social interest and handling inequality. Nevertheless, poverty still influences many South Africans beyond child beneficiaries.


What is the SASSA payout for April 2024?

The South Africa Social Security Agency will deliver the Child support grant of R510 on 6 April 2024. The SASSA old age grant for April 2024 will be delivered to recipients above 60 years on 2 April 2024.

Why didn’t I obtain my SASSA child grant?

If you are being paid to look after the kid or if you are not the child’s primary caretaker, you may not be qualified for the SASSA Child Support Grant.

How can I review my SASSA child grant balance on my phone?

To review your SASSA balance with airtime, dial *120*69277# and pursue the prompts.

Why is the Sassa child grant delayed?

Why are grant payments delayed in Sassa? The processing time is typically 7-14 days after application acceptance. Technical issues with the payment system can cause delays.


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