Nai Udaan scheme – Free coaching to minorities 2020 (All Details)

Nai Udaan scheme – Free coaching to minorities 2020: There have been many schemes implemented by the government of India for the improving the lives

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Nai Udaan scheme

Nai Udaan scheme – Free coaching to minorities 2020: There have been many schemes implemented by the government of India for the improving the lives of the minority communities. One of such schemes is a ‘free coaching scheme for minority students’ which essentially focuses on providing free coaching services to the students belonging to the recognized minority communities. This scheme is run by ministry of minority affairs, government of India. The scheme is designed in the form of a scholarship that provides the assistance associated with training.

Nai Udaan scheme

Features of the Nai Udaan scheme:

1ObjectiveThe scheme aims at providing assistance to the minority students to compete for the civil services appointments at central and state levels
2Support forFinancial support is given to the students who cleared  preliminary examination of Group-A and Group-B (Gazetted & non-gazetted) of UPSC, SSC,SPSC of various states etc.
3Eligibility1.     One should belong to a minority community as notified under National Commission for Minorities Act 1992 (Such as Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis). And a self declaration should be submitted to the ministry declaring the same.

2. The candidate should have passed the Prelims Examination conducted by UPSC; SPSC or SPSC of respective states3. Total family income of the candidates from all sources should not exceed Rs. 4.5 lakh per annum4. The candidate should not have availed any other such similar scheme of central or state governments and a self declaration shall be submitted declaring the same.

4Only onceA candidate can avail the benefit only once and only for one exam
5ApplicationEvery year ministry of minority affairs would advertise the in the print and electronic media about the scheme. And the same can be applied by filling and submitting the application. The same can be done  by following the below URL

6Maximum numberOn fulfilling the eligibility criteria up to a maximum of 800 candidates will be given financial support under the scheme throughout the country
7Financial assistanceThe amount of financial assistance will be maximum

1.     Rs 50,000/- for Gazetted Post 2.     Rs 25,000/- for Non- Gazetted Post

8Pre-requisiteThe applicant should submit the proof of passing of preliminary examination conducted by UPSC, SPSC,SSC etc. or equal examination for Group ‘A’ and ‘B’( Gazetted and Non Gazetted ) Civil Services.
9Application modeOnline only
10Format of Self declaration stating that one belong to any of the minority communities
11Format of income certificate
12Physical distribution of beneficiaries (Community wise)
  • Muslims -568;
  • Christians – 96;
  • Sikhs – 80;
  • Buddhists – 32;
  • Parsis – 7;
  • Jains – 17.
13Funding patternPayment of financial benefit may be given in one installment. 100% financial support will be provided to the selected candidates through ECS/RTGS/Cheque/e-payment

Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism:

A monitoring mechanism would be put in place to see that there is timely disbursal of amount through the concerned banks so that the selected students do not suffer due to delay. Evaluation of the scheme will be taken up after 3 years of its implementation through an independent and specialized agency. Impact assessment will be conducted towards the end of the 12th Plan Period


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