Bhim app transaction declined, bhim app Not Working – Solution

Bhim app transaction declined, bhim app Not Working – Check Solution. After the officialy launching the BHIM App by NPCI at Google Play store. The

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Bhim app transaction declined

Bhim app transaction declined, bhim app Not Working – Check Solution. After the officialy launching the BHIM App by NPCI at Google Play store. The users are facing lots of problem like – First time the SMS price is deducted by mobile number is not verified, not able to select your BANK Name or bank accounts, sometimes users can not get OTP, Facing transaction declined Issue, Some Govt Banks are not included in BHIM App etc…. In this article we are solving each and every error of BHIM App you are facing and also provide bhim app toll free number if your issue is not resolve. Now check more details from below….

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) Launched BHIM App for boost digital transaction in India. Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is an app that lets you make simple, easy and quick payment transactions using Unified Payments Interface (UPI). You can easily make direct bank to bank payments instantly and collect money using just Mobile number or Payment address.

Bhim app transaction declined

Must – BHIM App

Bhim app transaction declined, bhim app Not Working

List of All BHIM App Errors and How to Fix Them

There are lots of errors are face by users while using BHIM App, we create a full list of all BHIM App errors, please check full list of BHIM app errors from below…

  • Bhim app Error Message in BHIM App
  • OTP Error in BHIM App (OTP Not Received but SMS Charges are deducted)
  • Mobile Number Verification is not working
  • Error Fetching Bank Account
  • Account Does not Exist Error
  • Bhim App device binding failed error
  • Bhim App Play Store Error
  • Android Verification below 5.1Problem
  • Transaction Declined error
  • Bhim App Not Working Problem
  • Dual SIM Error

Before Going to resolve BHIM App Errors, we learn how we can access BHIM App

How to access BHIM:

  • Step 1: Download and Install BHIM app from Google Play store
  • Step 2: Select your preferred language.
  • Step 3: Select SIM which has mobile number that is registered with bank CBS 4
  • Step 4: Login by setting a 4 digit application password
  • Step 5: Link your bank accounts using bank account option
  • Step 6: Set your UPI PIN by providing last 6 digits of debit card and expiry date of debit card
  • Step 7: Visit Profile option and set virtual payment address (VPA)s (2 virtual payment address (VPA)s are allowed per user 1. mobno@upi, 2. name@upi)
  • Step 8: Set one virtual payment address (VPA) as a primary virtual payment address (VPA) ( Ex. name@upi can be primary virtual payment address (VPA) making it easy to share with others)
  • Step 9: QR code feature is available, by using Scan and Pay option send and collect money anytime
  • Step 10: Send, receive, collect money using virtual payment address (VPA), Account number + IFSC ,Scan and Pay option

Solution for Transaction Declined Error in BHIM APP

Lot of Users are facing tis error while choosing the bank name from the list of BHIM app, the user are getting error “Transaction Declined”. Please Follow below Steps for Resolve this issue..

Normally Users are getting this issue when they select some Govt Banks or you may this problem if your phone memory is full or you are using lower RAM smartphone. Please Follow below steps to resolves this issue

  • Step 1 : First if Possible use high RAM smartphone
  • Step 2 : If you already open your BHIM App then please close your app
  • Step 3 : Now Clear your Mobile cache or Clean your Mobile System by using any cleaning app
  • Step 4 : Now Restart your Mobile and try again (Normally Problem is resolve after following above steps)
  • Step 5 : If you still facing this problem, then please insert your primary phone number in SIM 1 (the mobile number your want to verify) and restart your mobile and try again
  • Step 6  : Please also try if problem is not resolves  Go to Settings > App > BHIM App > Tap the Clear Cache

Please Note – Sometimes users also get this error due to slow internet connection, so if possible use this app when your are getting better signal strength

Solution for BHIM App Device Binding Failed Error

Normally users are getting this error, when they are using Dual SIM Mobile, Here below we provide full guide for How to Fix BHIM App Device Binding Failed Error

Solution Dual SIM Cards may be a reason for BHIM App device binding failed error. To fix this, uses the account registered SIM or Primary mobile number on slot 1 then uninstalls the app and again download the BHIM App to resolve device binding problem.

you may also get device binding error due to low RAM on your phone. Try uninstalling few apps, and once the RAM is free, you should not be facing this issue.

Another reason for Device Binding Failed issue is low storage on phone. Uninstall the unused apps before installing this app.

Solution for  OTP Error in BHIM App

Many User are not able to verify mobile number due to OTP Error, Normally This error occurs when we are trying to register or verify through OTP. Most users of BHIM app are not receiving OTP due high load on the servers. please use the app in night or early morning hours to fix this issue.

  • Before going to Verify your mobile number, Please recharge your mobile, because this error normally occurs when your mobile balance is less then Rs 1.5. BHIM App requires Rs 1. 50 mobile balance on your SIM for OTP.
  • While continuing with registration, first recharge your mobile with minimum balance and then continue with the OTP process.
  • If the OTP Transaction is successful, you will get the message “Last SMS Charges 1.50″

Solution for  Mobile Number Verification Problem

You will get Mobile Number verification problem when you try to verify govt banks, this issue is resolved in new update of BHIM App, Please Download or Update latest version of BHIM App. If you still face this problem, then please visit to your bank branch and update your mobile number again.

If you are still facing the issue with Mobile Number Verification, please wait for the next version of the app to be released.

Solution for BHIM APP Error fetching bank accounts

This is also common issue face by lots of users, You will get this error while you are choosing Bank Account after entering your PASS Code in Initial Stage. When you click on any bank account then after some time you will receive following error message “Error Fetching Bank Account”, Please try again. to resolve this issue, please follow below steps…

  • Step1 : If you already open BHIM App then first you need to Exit the BHIM App.
  • Step 2: Now you will require to clear your app cache from setting , please Delete the BHIM App Cache from App Manager of your phone >>Click on Settings >> Apps >> Choose BHIM App >> and click on delete cache.
  • Step 3: Now restart your mobile and open “BHIM App” again and enter your passcode. Now you can choose your Bank Name from the list given.
  • Step 4: If your problem “Error fetching bank accounts” persist. Then please update your BHIM App or download latest version of BHIM App or contact the bank toll-free number.

The collect request is not reaching the BHIM app. What do I do?

In this case, please first check the data connectivity. If you have entered your Payment Address at the merchant app, please re-check your Payment Address and re-try the transaction. Please check your pending transactions tab to check if the collect request has reached you.

if you have any query or suggestion regarding “Bhim app transaction declined, bhim app Not Working” then please tell us via below comment box….

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  1. “BHIM” App is not working for weeks. Whenever trying either to transfer fund or to approve any payment request, it’s showing “SOMETHING’S IS NOT RIGHT. Technical Issue, Please Try After Some Time”. Very badly I need action from the app for approving some IPO applications.

    • “BHIM” App is not working for weeks. Whenever trying either to transfer fund or to approve any payment request, it’s showing “SOMETHING’S IS NOT RIGHT. Technical Issue, Please Try After Some Time”. Very badly I need action from the app for approving some IPO applications. same problem I also face from last many days. how to resolve???


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