Paytm Next Generation Credit card 2024: Feature, Eligibility

Paytm in collaboration with SBI has launched a Paytm Next Generation Credit Card to provide hassle-free cashless facility to the entire country As we know that credit card in our

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Paytm Next Generation Credit card

Paytm in collaboration with SBI has launched a Paytm Next Generation Credit Card to provide hassle-free cashless facility to the entire country As we know that credit card in our country is not as popular as debit card. It is still believed that, the users of credit must have to have huge wealth. It is still very restrained to the rich or to those who are in a government jobs.

Most people have tried to get a credit card, but the process, form filling and after doing all that, many times your appeal gets rejected because of some very minor mistake. To simply things and to make credit card more popular around the country, Paytm have invented this Next Generation Credit card, which not only simplifies the method of payment, but it also makes life hassle free.

Features of Paytm Next Generation Credit card

Why would you choose Paytm Next Generation credit card over any other is a matter of discussion, which must be cleared. So, the main difference between the others and Paytm Next- Generation credit card is, its hassle free and convenient service. The best part about this innovation is that, you can easily apply for a credit card, without getting into lines of banks. You can do all kinds of stuff from the Paytm application.

You can easily apply for the card and once all the verification will be over, the card will be delivered to your desired location. It will be completed hassle free. Also Paytm is in collaboration with many different companies. Paytm has also collaborated with SBI for the better service and also, to earn the trust of the Nation. As you know, we Indians take our own time to verify, if the matter is somewhat related to money.

Now, in case of other banks and their credit card, they predominantly asks a whole lot of questions and if you were not eligible for any of their answers, your application can be easily terminated. Most of us are sceptical about this issue and because of that, we used to avoid the troubles of credit card. One more reason is that, whenever we suffer any problems related to transaction and payment, going bank becomes a must and their is no other way to solve the problem.

Paytm has simplified this problem is well. You can now manage all your credit card related issues and troubles directly from your phone. The Paytm app shows all kinds of details to you and you can easily check all your transaction, used balance, remaining balance, and many more.

There is one another plus point too. You will be provided whole lot of rewards for your shopping form the Paytm Next – Generation credit card. And even better is your reward will never going to get expire. It has a life equivalent to your credit card.


Here you will find all the eligibility criteria to get your Paytm Next Generation Credit card;

  • There is a age limit to apply for the credit card. The minimum age at which you can get the card is 21.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are having a business or you are in a private job or government job, you can apply for the credit card.
  • There are two kinds of credit card available, a regular one which anyone can apply for and a select one, which only the select Paytm customers can apply.
  • If you are worrying about your income, then don’t worry, as there is no income barrier. Anyone can apply for the credit card with no minimum income requirement.

How to apply the card online

It is a very simple and hassle free process of applying the Paytm Next – Generation Credit card. We have discussed the methods of applying the card in steps:

Step I – first of all, you need to download the Paytm application for the application store. Then afterwards, you need to sign in, if you are doing for the first time, or else just log in.

Step II – in the latter step, you need to click on the credit card option. Further, you have to provide some details about your personal life like, your address, income, occupation, and many more.

Step III – after submitting all the details of the earlier step, you need to choose between the two credit card option.

Step IV – in step IV, you will be notified about whether you are eligible for that card or not, and if you are eligible, then you will be asked to provide some more details and you have to also go through a simple KYC.

Paytm Next Generation Credit card
Paytm Next Generation Credit card

Step V – after following the earlier steps, you have to just wait for your card approval, which takes almost 2 to 3 days. After that your virtual card will be generated and you will receive your hard copy within few days.

Documents Required

  • A photo ID proof
  • A recent clicked passport size photograph
  • An address proof, which can be any, either current or permanent

In conclusion, we can say that this is a very innovative and creative idea and it is working very nicely. The current credit card penetration in India only stands at 3%, which is nothing compared to America’s 320%. Hope that the situation will change and India will also see a steep rise in its credit card uses. We really appreciate their innovative ideas and thought process.



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