Flipkart Seller Registration: Flipkart seller account and login 2024

Flipkart Seller Registration: Flipkart offers a marvellous internet-based business platform for all businesses to rapidly establish a pan-India reach. How to sell your products on Flipkart, With the rapidly increasing smartphone


Flipkart Seller Registration

Flipkart Seller Registration: Flipkart offers a marvellous internet-based business platform for all businesses to rapidly establish a pan-India reach. How to sell your products on Flipkart, With the rapidly increasing smartphone availability and internet technologies world has become a tiny village in the hands of individuals. E-Commerce has got a prominent place in today’s market. With a view to reaching millions of customers, most businesses are joining their hands with Flipkart.

Having registered sellers with over 30,000 and 4.5 crores registered shoppers Flipkart has emerged as the largest e-commerce portal in the country. Let’s discuss how to register your business with Flipkart and reach crores of customers.

Flipkart Seller Login

Seller Central is the website where sellers log in to monitor their Flipkart sales activity. You can manage inventory, update pricing, and communicate with buyers..here is the link where you can directly login as seller…

Click here for Seller Login

Flipkart Seller Registration

Flipkart is one of the highly rated online internet market where one can sell and buy products. It is the biggest online retailer in the United States of America. The company has committed an investment of more than 2 billion US Dollar in building and developing its Indian counterpart – Flipkart India. Flipkart India was launched in the year 2007 and presently sells millions of goods over its platform. In this article, we will discuss the process to become a Flipkart India Partner and how to sell products through Flipkart.

How to sell your products on Flipkart

1. Eligibility:

Any business selling genuine products are allowed to sell on Flipkart and should have the following:

  • PAN Card
  • GST Number which are mandatory for those who are not covered by GST acts of the respective states
  • Bank Accounts and supporting KYC documents

Steps to sell your products on Flipkart:

  • Register your business in Flipkart
  • List the products offered by you and no services can be offered to sell on Flipkart.
  • Pack the product and make it ready for delivery soon after receiving a sales order
  • After successful dispatch of the order Flipkart will process your payment within 5-7 days.

Step wise:

Account creation:

First of all visit https://seller.flipkart.com/selfSignup/create to register as a seller using your name and valid e-mail id.

Flipkart Seller Registration

Verification of Details:

After filling your name and mail id just click on ‘continue’. If you are already registered with Flipkart as a buyer then it will ask whether to continue as a seller with the same mail id as shown in the following image. If you want to continue then fill your pin code and select the main category of your products. Then set a password and click on ‘ log in’.


Flipkart Seller Login

After logging into your account you will be taken to the following screen

How to sell your products on Flipkart

In this step you have to verify your phone number and enter the address details.

The system will verify the phone number and address by pin code. After that you have to select the category of the products you wish to sell on Flipkart. Next just click on ‘continue”.

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Seller Information:

After verification of the details, you will be taken to a window as shown below. In this section, you have to enter your business and bank details along with your store name & description. After filling the above fields just click on ‘save & continue.

After supplying all the required information along with uploading related statutory documents Flipkart team will examine your details and revert within a few days. If they ask for any further information pertaining to your business then furnish them the same. Finally, after successful registration, you will be taken to the Product listing section.

Listing of products:

First, you have to log into your Flipkart seller account where you can see the listing tab. There you can add the details of your products giving the pictures and descriptions of your items.

Flipkart team will check all the entries and approve the same.


Next, you have to update the price and stock count. Once these are updated they will become ready to sell.


After receiving orders from the customers you have to pack and make the products ready for delivery marking It as “ready for dispatch” along with the invoice and shipment label. Next dispatch the same by marking the order as “ready to dispatch” in the portal. Track the orders till they are delivered to the customers.

Payment processing:

Subject to the commission and cancellation fees Flipkart will process your payment and release the same to your bank accounts within 5 to 7 days.


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